A Proper Introduction from Bill Hildebrand

Hey I just wanted to give you a proper introduction from me, Bill Hildebrand
the founder of this blog, Hildebrand Enterprises. This is also a chance to
give you an update on our second week of the Quick Start Challenge 2.0 Turbo
program I am involved with.

Please watch the video below, since the second week challenge was to get out
of our comfort zone and create a on camera video introducing ourselves and
telling you a little about our blog.

I hope I don’t look real uncomfortable because I have done a couple other
videos on camera previous to this one, but it still can be a little intimidating
at first.
You can be the judge.


As I said in the video, I encourage you to leave comments if you are moved to
do so.  One of my goals with this blog is to make it a place to have a
conversation about health and fitness especially, but other topics are also welcome.

Don’t be shy.  We look forward to what you have to say whether it’s complimentary
or you have some suggestions for improvement.

Fire away.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned and keep up with how the challenge is going.

Bill H.

Making Some Progress

I thought it was time to give you an update on my progress as far as blogging is concerned and my participation in the Quick Start Program that I talked about in some of the earlier posts.

I am starting to see more and more subscribers to my blog and I thank you for that. I hope you are enjoying some of the new posts I added about health topics. I also just added a new page about metabolism and how it relates to weight loss. This page does contain some links because most people need some help when it comes to losing weight, and the program I mention in the article is one of the best. Yuri Elkaim the author has great credentials and has helped thousands of people lose weight and get into shape. Take a look while your here. Metabolism and Weight Loss.

I have also set up a couple of Amazon websites and am starting to see some action on them as well.

Where I am lacking is in taking time to build the proper backlinks to these sites to really get better rankings and start sending much larger numbers of visitors to my sites. This is both a time consuming and “need to do it right” type of activity and I am still doing some studying of a great course about that very subject.  If you do it right, Google loves you, do it wrong and they can banish you to the wayward pages where you will never be found.

The other area I need to do more work on is with social sharing. I really need to learn more about how to utilize facebook, twitter, and some of the other popular social sites. I have purchased a couple of good programs but just haven’t had time to really implement them yet. So much to do, so little time.

Well it is time to go do some of the projects listed above so that is about it for now. Please continue to visit us regularly and I will try to keep this blog updated a little better.

Again, if you have something you would like to see posted, please let me know either through the contact us page or with a comment. I will do my best to get you the information.

So long for now,

Bill H

healthy eating

Get Healthy, Eat Fruit!

Help yourself prevent disease by consuming more fruit.


Fruits are a wonderful reward for humanity from Mother Nature. 
It is absolutely true that every fruit has something which is very 
special within its makeup. That special something can help prevent
disease and relieve some aches and pains.

Mother Nature holds numerous secrets which possess a variety of
positive qualities. These qualities can prevent you from ever
having to take prescription medicines or use antibiotics for cures.

Eating these fruits along with other fresh foods and herbs will
help keep you fit and fine for your entire life. They definitely
should become part of your regular healthy diet regimen for great

Eat strawberries for nutrition and beauty.

Strawberries are a fruit with a high nutrition value and also have
some body cleansing properties. They are rich in vitamins such as
Eat strawberries for better healthvitamin C, potassium and minerals. In addition, the strawberry has
great water content, reaching approximately 80-90%. This is what helps
make them ideal for helping out with cleaning the body.

Strawberries have been used for a kind of herbal treatment for heart
and kidney. They have even been known as cures for rheumatic
disorders. Laboratory studies have shown that the phytochemicals
present in strawberries have anti-inflammatory or anti-cancer

In additon to its health benefits, the strawberry can be significant
for maintaining beauty. They can enhance the complexion of your skin
and help prevent sunburn and other kinds of skin disorders.

healthy eating



Peaches are another fruit which contain vitamins
and minerals as well as some potassium. They
also contain a high level of water content.

It is a delicious fruit that can contribute
to better health. You can eat it fresh, add to
smoothies, or freeze or can them for later







Pomegranate is a fruit which contains both vitamin C and K. The seeds
can be a good source of fiber. It constitutes 70 percent water which
again can help with hydration and helping cleanse the body.

The pomegranate has a great history for disease remedies.Used in Ayurveda medicine

The Ayurveda system of medicine practiced in ancient Indian
subcontinents, showed that the pomegranate was used extensively for
traditional remedies. For treating diarrhea, dysentry, or intestinal
parasite, they used the fruit rind and the bark of the tree.


Gets the health benefits from the pomegranate either by extracting
the juice itself or adding the seeds to a smoothie. Delicious.

Naturally we can’t cover all the delicious and healthful fruits in
this one article. My point is that for a healthful diet, adding a
daily allotment of fruits to your diet can be a major contributor
to better health.

I find the easiest and one of the most delicious ways to get the
benefits of fruit is by making smoothies. You can mix and match
most any fruits and toss in some green stuff as well such as
fresh spinach or kale. The fruit taste will dominate and this
way you can even get some of your daily vegetable requirements.

Here’s to healthy eating,


anti-aging exercise

The Most Recommended Anti-Aging Exercises

Anti-aging exercises should promote hormone growth.






As we age, hormonal amounts diminish and our skin,
muscles and bones set about to degrade. A favorable
anti-aging exercise system should increase hormone
growth and enhance stability and flexibility.

anti-aging exercise













hey mr glen Foter Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Studies have demonstrated that nothing works more favorable to achieve anti-aging
effects than a regular exercise regimen. ‘Regular‘ is the key word– unless your
exercise program is consistent, the system won’t have the corresponding effect.

There are various forms of exercises that will serve to help you stay active,
live an even longer and happier life and continue to be mentally sharp. How
frequently and how demanding you make your exercise program is dependent on
your personal wishes, both physical and your daily chosen lifestyle.

The leading Exercises to Reap Anti-Aging Effects

There are three clear-cut varieties of exercises that are most effectively suited
for an anti-aging regimen:.

* Flexibility– Among the most important exercises to beat the aging process.
It raises blood circulation and releases serotonin, which is a chemical created by
the brain and is necessary for total health and well-being. Flexibility exercises are
also risk-free and quite easy to conduct.

* Strength Building– These exercises will help establish strength and sustain bone
mass. Your odds of experiencing a debilitating injury are lessened as you build your
muscle strength. Exercises to strengthen the muscles in your shoulders, back and legs
will also help with hormone production.

* Cardiovascular– Made to help keep your heart healthy, aerobic exercises also serve
to help fight depression and help keep your weight down. Running, speedy walking and all
other exercise that will raise your heart rate for a sustained time frame release brain
chemicals that yield hormones.

Here is a great little exercise to strengthen neck muscles.


Studies suggest no ideal time of day to exercise for more benefits.

Research has established that there’s no specific time of the day when exercising is
most effective, nevertheless, mishaps seem to occur more frequently in morning
hours– muscles and joints appear to be less flexible during that time.

Preferably, exercise when you aren’t too tired, but when you’ve been up and about for
awhile. Mid afternoon seems to be a high time for lots of people to accomplish exercises
without too much fear of injury.

You don’t require a home gym or an exclusive membership in a neighborhood gym.
One piece of equipment that you determine you’ll use regularly is the most ideal